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Solutions for Small & Mid-Sized Businesses

Let MoneySoft help your business save time and create value with specialty software solutions for some of the trickiest business problems

Each software is rich in built-in knowledge and replaces the tedium of creating and maintaining spreadsheets.  As your business grows, spreadsheets become more and more problematic—especially when you have multiple users. And, generating reports presents a whole other set of hassles.

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Our Products

The MoneySoft Collection is a treasure trove of specialized analytical tools and information products that help you decide more wisely and grow your business.

Here you will find software systems that streamline calculation-intensive financial analysis and modeling. These field-tested solutions will help you profitably value, acquire, manage and dispose of critical business assets. Now, you’ll be able to work faster… smarter… and focus on substance instead of crunching numbers.

Fixed Asset Pro


If you need a better way to organize fixed asset data, calculate depreciation, and prepare tax and financial reports, then Fixed Asset Pro is for you. The system is updated for the latest tax depreciation rules.

Custom data views give you flexibility to track assets and create drama-free reports putting your fixed asset data under your control.

Fixed Asset Pro costs just a fraction of other, comparable fixed asset software solutions. Fixed Asset Pro is a self-contained system. So, you won’t need to install and maintain any third-party database software.

Business Valuation Specialist


If you want to determine the value of any business using the same discipline, methods and procedures employed by professionals and are willing to take the time to do it right, then consider MoneySoft Business Valuation Specialist.

Designed to be a super-duper software tool for business valuation experts and appraisers, Business Valuation Specialist does require familiarity with financial statements and intermediate-level corporate finance theory. If you can take the time to familiarize yourself with the theory behind the program, you’ll be able to reach an intelligent valuation and learn a great deal about the business you’re valuing.


Buying a business is a major decision and event with impacts that can reach far into the future. MoneySoft DealSense streamlines the analysis, determining value/price, and creating a comprehensive blueprint for future performance. A powerful projection engine takes transaction terms, funding and the new owner’s operating assumptions and creates a cash flow (with related statements) that is used to calculate the risks and returns of a deal. DealSense makes it easy to test assumptions.

They system creates a report that can be edited and used to secure internal approvals, prepare a funding proposal and help get the team on the same sheet of music. This same system is used by M&A specialists and advisors to prepare a company for sale. For a business buyer, DealSense is like having your own acquisition analysis department.

As a bonus, DealSense includes all the valuation capability of Business Valuation Specialist, but the valuation can be skipped. DealSense is an extraordinary value for the SMB that wants to focus on strategy and growth instead of spending hundreds of hours researching and writing spreadsheets!

Benchmark Pro 2006


Financial statements can be a bunch of numbers on a page that MoneySoft Benchmark Pro turns into information that you can use. Benchmark Pro analyzes up to five years of data so you can identify trends as well as get a read on a company’s current performance, position and possible emerging risks and opportunities.

Benchmark Pro includes the same analytics that are used by bankers, credit analysts and business advisors. You can use it to evaluate credit decisions (when financial statements are available) or as part of your internal planning and review.



RMA Annual Statement Studies™ is the leading, most current source of reliable performance statistics for small and medium-size businesses.


Completed Transactions is the most comprehensive database of completed mid-market merger and acquisition transactions. The database provides hard-to-find details on actual merger and acquisition transactions for private and public mid-market companies.


BIZCOMPS is perfect for the business buyer or valuation analyst that needs comparable sales data on smaller business transactions. The average selling price of these businesses is approximately $257,000 per business.



With this report you can obtain valuable intelligence about industry financial trends that may impact your performance by analyzing five years of historical financial statements, ratios and growth rates.


The Industry Growth Outlook provide metrics to evaluate a company’s historic sales growth and serves as a reality check when preparing Income Statement Projections and when considering the sustainability of growth. The report contains 5 years of historic and projected growth rates for a selected industry. In addition, the report includes 2 key macro-economic indicators: Gross Domestic Product and Inflation.


With this database you will have access to officer’s compensation for over 900 industries and 13 sales size ranges.



Personalized online training is available to help you to more fully master the programs’ theory and operation in order to increase your expertise and productivity. Our online training addresses the principles, operation and application of MoneySoft’s analysis, valuation, acquisition and fixed asset depreciation software.


We can help when you want the depth of analysis provided in our software applications, but don’t have the time or manpower to model the numbers. MoneySoft will work with select clients to input their numbers into the appropriate software application and then work with management to develop assumptions for modeling.


Install our products and put them through their paces. If you can honestly say that our products do not save you time and perform exactly as we say they will, simply let us know within 30 days from the date of purchase and we will gladly issue a full refund.

now you can be better organized, make better use of your time, and help promote sound decision making in key business areas: