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MoneySoft provides software applications along with database products, specialty business books, online data rooms, training and consulting. This set of FAQ’s focuses on questions pertaining to MoneySoft application software.


Are MoneySoft’s products available through resellers and dealers?

At this time, MoneySoft products are only available from MoneySoft. We will consider inquiries from existing establishments. We do have a licensing arrangement with Practitioners Publishing Company that allows them to offer our Corporate Valuation Professional valuation software system under their imprint as Business Valuation Specialist.


Are consultant services available?

Yes. MoneySoft will work with select clients to input their numbers into the appropriate software application and then work with management to develop assumptions for modeling. Through our mastery of the software, we will save the client time and money.


Is training available?

Yes. Customized online training is available for all MoneySoft programs to help you maximize your software investment. Training sessions are presented by one of our product experts using online web meeting technology. All training sessions are tailored to your specific needs. Subjects can range from an introductory program overview to in-depth instruction on a certain facets of a program. Please call to discuss your specific needs.


How are updates provided?

Maintenance updates are delivered via an online update feature. Checking for maintenance updates can be scheduled at regular intervals or you can check for updates on demand. Major version updates must be purchased and are delivered via an entirely new installation package.


Will your software work on an Apple/Mac?

All MoneySoft programs are Windows only. However, our applications will run on an Apple/Mac that is running Windows in emulation mode or on a dual-boot Apple/Mac that can boot directly into Windows.


How is technical support provided?

Technical support is provided via telephone, email, and online chat. Free technical and application Support is provided to users with the current version of their MoneySoft product. Technical support for non-current versions of MoneySoft products is available for a fee.


How do I move a program to a new computer?

You simply install the program on your new computer using the same installation code that was provided when you originally purchased the program. You will need to activate the program on your new computer and also deactivate it on the old computer. Be sure to have access to both machines before calling MoneySoft for the activation/deactivation codes.


Do I need an extra license to install the software on my desktop and laptop?

No. MoneySoft understands that in our mobile age, our customers routinely work on more than one computer. As a courtesy, we allow you to install the software on both your desktop and laptop even if you only have a single-user license.


Does your software work in a multi-user environment?

MoneySoft’s systems are all desktop applications that run locally. However data files can be stored on a shared network drive and accessed by multiple users. In a multi-user environment, each user must obtain a license and register the software on each computer where the program is used. Please inquire for details on special multi-user pricing.

A site license for Fixed Asset Pro is available. The price is located on that web page.


Is program documentation provided?

Yes. All MoneySoft applications include a PDF version of the current User Manual. Our documentation is rigorous and includes both the program operation and the underlying business theory and principles. In addition, each program has context-sensitive help that is available by hitting the “F1” key.


Can I download my product?

Yes. All MoneySoft software applications are available for electronic download so you can start using the software quickly and avoid costly shipping charges. In some cases, the program is only available for download as noted on the product page.