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MoneySoft provides specialty software productivity tools to manage, measure, create, and transfer business value. Our main flagship products are:

  1. Fixed Asset Pro: for SMBs and nonprofit organizations that need a fixed asset accounting, depreciation, management and reporting system.
  2. DealSense: for business buyers and I-Bankers to that need to value, price, finance, forecast, and evaluate the economics of middle-market mergers and acquisitions including combinations and rollups.
  3. Business Valuation Specialist: for professionals that need to perform valuations and appraisals of privately held business.

How is your software delivered?

You download and install the software. After subscribing online, you’ll receive an email receipt that contains a link to download an installation file. So you can start using the software right away. The same is true for telephone orders. The preceding applies to the main MoneySoft applications. For the third-party data products RMA, BIZCOMPS and Done Deals, a MoneySoft rep will contact you after your order to give you access and instructions. Integra Industry Reports are delivered via an email file attachment.


Do I need to activate the software before I can start using it?

You can start using the main applications right away without activating them. There is an exception for third-party data products. Third-party data products require that you purchase a separate license and need to be activated before use. For the main applications, you have 60 days to activate and register on each computer. To activate, please have the program opened, call 800-966-7797 and ask for Product Registration, or go to MoneySoft.com and start a live chat session during normal business hours (Monday-Friday, 8:30AM to 5:00PM Mountains Standard Time, MST, GMT -7).


Are trial versions available?

MoneySoft offers a 30-day money-back guarantee after your purchase any of the main applications: Fixed Asset Pro, DealSense, Business Valuation Specialist and Benchmark Pro. This gives you a risk-free way to try the software and make sure it fits your needs. The 30-day money-back guarantee does not apply to third-party data products because the third-party data is consumable.


What is your licensing policy?

Fixed Asset Pro subscriptions have two licensing options: 1) Single-User License; or 2) Site License. The single-user license allows use by one named individual. The Site License provides unlimited users at one physical location or on one network. Technical Support is only available with a current subscription. Technical Support for a Site License is provided to one named contact person that you designate. You can change your Tech Support contact person at any time by notifying MoneySoft.

DealSense and Business Valuation Specialist subscriptions are provided under a single user license. Each individual user must obtain a separate subscription and license. The license cannot be shared with another user. Please inquire for details on special multi-user pricing.


What are the system requirements?

  • Applications run on Windows 11/10/8/7 desktops, both 32bit and 64bit.
  • Apps are installed and data is stored on your computer(s), not in the cloud.
  • Programs work well on Apple/Mac’s that have Parallels or a similar emulator that lets you run Windows on your Mac.
  • Approximately 150MB hard disk space required for installation.
  • No server installation is required for most networks. For multiple users, the app is installed on each workstation and only the data is stored in a shared network folder.
  • For Citrix, Windows Terminal Server and Windows Remote Desktop Host networks, the application is installed on the server and published to users’ desktops.
  • Data can be stored on a local workstation or on a file server.
  • Internet connection required to receive automatic updates.

Can I use the software on multiple computers?

MoneySoft understands that in our work-from-anywhere age, subscribers routinely work on more than one computer. As a courtesy, with a Single-User License, we allow you to install the software on the computers that you use, such as a desktop and a laptop.


How are updates provided?

Maintenance updates are delivered via an online update feature. Checking for maintenance updates can be scheduled at regular intervals or you can check for updates on demand. Major version are delivered via a new installation package.


How is program documentation provided?

All MoneySoft applications include a PDF version of the current User Manual that gets installed when you install the software. Our documentation is rigorous and includes both the program operation and the underlying business theory and principles. In addition, each program gives you context-sensitive help for the active screen by hitting the F1 function key.


What is your Tech Support policy?

US-based Technical Support is available to help when you have a specific question or technical issue. Technical Support is available Monday-Friday, 8:30AM to 5:00PM Mountain Standard Time MST (GMT -7). Tech Support Service is included with your current subscription and access to Tech Support is renewed when you renew your subscription. You can get Technical Support via telephone, email, and online chat. Customers must have the current version of their MoneySoft product to be eligible. Technical Support covers a specific issue or question. If you need instruction, MoneySoft also offers Custom Online Training (see the Training FAQ below).


Is Training available?

Customized online training is available for all MoneySoft programs to help you maximize your software investment. Training sessions are presented by one of our product experts using online web meeting technology. All training sessions are tailored to your specific needs. Subjects can range from an introductory program overview to in-depth instruction on a certain facets of a program. Please call 800-966-7797 to discuss your specific needs and pricing.


Can I import company data to get started?

Fixed Asset Pro, DealSense and Business Valuation Specialist include a procedure for importing data from XLS, CSV and other formats so you can get started as quickly as possible and avoid keying in data. Each comes with an XLS template to help you prepare data for importing. And Technical Support is available to answer questions and guide you through the process.


How do I move a program to a new computer?

You simply install the program on your new computer and then contact MoneySoft to deactivate the program on your old computer and activate on the new one (see the Activation FAQ). So please be sure to have access to both machines before calling MoneySoft for the activation/deactivation codes. MoneySoft only has the current version available for download for each application, so please keep a copy of your most recent installation file.


Is the Report Writer included or sold separately.

The “Report Writer” is always included. You don’t need to pay extra. DealSense and Business Valuation Specialist include the Financial Report Builder that creates valuation reports, price studies, CIMs/Pitchbooks and other reports that are fully-customizable in Word. Fixed Asset Pro includes the Flex View Grid that lets you create custom data views and save them to XLS and CSV reports. Fixed Asset Pro also includes Report Builder that has a built-in report designer.


What is your subscription renewal policy?

Fixed Asset Pro annual renewals are optional. However, we do encourage you to get the annual renewal which always include improvements to make your work easier, updated tax rules, limits and forms and renews your access to Tech Support Service. Annual renewals are due for all Fixed Asset Pro customers in early January each year.

DealSense and Business Valuation Specialist are offered via annual subscriptions. Renewals are due on the subscription anniversary and renewing is required for continued use of the software.


What third-party industry and market data do you offer to import into DealSense and Business Valuation Specialist?

All third party data products are sold separately from DealSense, Business Valuation Specialist and Benchmark Pro. For industry benchmarking data, we offer RMA Annual Statement Studies and Integra Industry Reports. For valuation market comparable transactions, we offer BIZCOMPS and Done Deals. Please inquire for bundle discounts. Data products must be purchased from MoneySoft in order to import the data into the MoneySoft applications. The same data obtained from a different source cannot be imported but can be entered manually. The exception is BVR’s Dealstats data which can be imported, but the data must be obtained through the publisher, Business Valuation Resources, not from MoneySoft.


Are MoneySoft’s products available through resellers and dealers?

MoneySoft products are only available from MoneySoft. We will consider inquiries from
existing establishments.