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DealSense® is for mid-market I-Bankers, M&A intermediaries and Business Brokers

Now with MoneySoft’s DealSense you can handle more deal opportunities, get them to market faster and increase your closing rate—for a thriving M&A practice and an effective brand.

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Wall-to-wall analysis in one system

DealSense is a field-tested alternative to time-consuming spreadsheets and old-school valuation-only programs that don’t go the distance. DealSense gives dealmakers a complete financial analysis tool made specifically for the M&A transaction process—so much more than a mere valuation template. With DealSense you can:

  • Evaluate deal opportunities (triage). When your compensation is primarily success- or commission-based, you want to invest your time and energy on deal opportunities that are likely to bear fruit.
  • Prepare a valuation or market study to facilitate more objective discussions with your sell-side clients on matters of price and terms. Defining the “value gap” (market vs. seller’s target price) is essential to bridging the gap and aligning the seller’s expectations with the market for their business.
  • Streamline rigorous pre-sale due diligence—a proactive approach to avoiding deal-killing surprises downstream. “Surprises are great for birthdays, but not during due diligence! By using DealSense you can hedge against the risk of negative surprises raising their irksome heads during diligence and the mischief they cause such as:
    • Price reductions and adjustments.
    • Reductions in cash at closing. Addition of contingent payments.
    • Larger Escrows and Hold Back amounts for future claims.
    • Demands for aggressive contract terms.
    • In the extreme, buyer walks. NO DEAL—the worst outcome of all.

Any of the above can discourage the seller and undermine their confidence in the selling process. That’s not a good place.  So, why go there if you can avoid it?

  • Create effective Pitch Books and CIMs that include the numbers buyers want to see. Today’s buyers are more sophisticated and expect you to have a command of the numbers. You can attract more interest and minimize the risk of an LOI going off the rails with solid planning and preparation and a diligent Pitch Book. This increases your influence and effectiveness during negotiations.
  • Spend less time on prep and more time on the market—without sacrificing quality. Engagements have an expiration date and you want to spend your time interacting with qualified and interested buyers.
  • Determine the feasibility of payback of seller financing and any contingent payments. The seller is now acting as a bank or investor in the company after the sale and should run a risk analysis the same as any source of acquisition funds.

Combining Numbers and Narrative in a Pitch Book or CIM is a winning combination. Improve your odds of a Positive Outcome—a deal and payday.

DealSense Pitch Books can be edited in Microsoft Word. They are fully customizable—not “cookie cutter.” The reports are generated quickly and eliminate the aggravation of cutting, pasting and managing spreadsheet links.

DealSense—the complete M&A analysis and valuation toolbox!

Key Metrics in a completely customable DealSense Pitch Book include:

  • Financial snapshot of income statement and balance sheet data.
  • Summary of up to 5 years of historic financial statements.
  • Adjusted EBITDA—that ties back to income statement.
  • Adjusted Free Cash Flow (total invested capital).
  • Compound average growth rates for sales and net income along with adjusted EBITDA and FCF-TIC.
  • Summary of Net Working Capital used in FCF.
  • Summary of Historic Statement of Cash Flows.
  • Presentation of data used for ratio analysis.
  • Ratios include Liquidation, Debt Coverage, Leverage/Capitalization, Operating and Equity.
  • Comparison of Ratios to Industry.
  • Summary Financial Statement Projections for up to 5 years.
  • EBITDA, Capital Expenditures and EBITDA – CapX.
  • Projected Compound Annual Growth Rates.
  • Acquisition and Transaction Information:
    • Assets: Historic Cost and Adjusted Value.
    • Proposed Asking Price (if desired).
    • Suggested Payment Terms (if desired).

Request a demo today and explore how DealSense can help you eliminate the distractions of spreadsheets, focus your attention on the essentials and shorten deal cycles for a more rewarding practice.

MoneySoft DealSense

“The Swiss Army Knife of Mid-Market M&A Software.”