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We can help when you want the depth of analysis provided in our software applications, but don’t have the time or manpower to model the numbers.

MoneySoft will work with select clients to input their numbers into the appropriate software application and then work with management to develop assumptions for modeling. Through our mastery of the software, we will save the client time and money.

  1. Call our Consulting Services Department (800-966-7797 or 602-266-7710) to confidentially discuss your needs.
  2. If the project is appropriate, we will execute a Confidentiality and Scope of Work Proposal for your approval.
  3. You will provide the financial data necessary to complete the assignment.
  4. We will prompt you for any necessary assumptions or variables that impact the model.
  5. A full report will be provided along with supporting files.
  6. We will be available to modify the model as negotiations and due diligence change your underlying assumptions.

It should be noted that MoneySoft does NOT accept valuation assignments and does NOT render Fairness Opinions. Our project-based services are exclusively intended to input data and interact with our clients to set scenario variables. We do NOT make predictions, promises or forecasts of future events. We offer assistance by developing multiple scenario models based upon client-provided data, assumptions and variables.