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Fixed Asset Pro

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the affordable all-in-one system for Fixed Asset Depreciation, Accounting, Management and Reporting.

Fixed Asset Pro is the budget friendly solution that gives small and mid-sized organizations a better way to accurately calculate depreciation and prepare reports for financial, accounting, tax, and management purposes.

Now you can replace the frustrations of spreadsheets and legacy databases with a system that’s affordable and gives you the ability to organize fixed asset data, manage the fixed asset life cycle and quickly generate the reports you need for tax and financial accounting.

  • Gives you total control of your data. No limits to the number of assets or entities. Two-way data portability with import and export. Templates to help with data entry. Flex Views let you organize data any way you want to see it.
  • All the depreciation calculations you need for Book and Tax. Includes 68 depreciation methods, 6 different books, half-year/mid-month/mid-quarter, bonus depreciation, Section 179, and more.
  • Complete asset Information is available at your fingertips. Makes it easy to maintain asset inventory and track assets throughout the entire fixed asset life cycle—from CIP to disposal.
  • Makes reporting a snap for management, accounting, taxes and controlling insurance premiums and exposure. Fixed Asset Pro automatically applies depreciation rules and calculates depreciation throughout the lifecycle of an asset.
  • Fixed Asset Pro is continually updated for the latest changes in tax and depreciation rules.
  • Runs on your Windows desktop(s) or remotely from your Windows Remote Desktop Server (RDS), Terminal Server, or Citrix Server.
  • Multi-user database makes it easy for local and remote users to collaborate.



This easy-to-use, full-featured depreciation software will save you hours by streamlining organization, maintaining fixed-asset records over the entire asset life cycle, maximizing your tax deductions and generating up-to-date reports when you need them.


With Fixed Asset Pro, detailed information on each asset is at your fingertips. Quickly search to zero-in and find an asset and then drill down to access the details. Assets can be classified into user-defined groups/categories. Assign a location, department, G/L account numbers, personal property type and more to each asset.


Reporting capabilities include everything you need to report depreciation, acquisitions, and disposal. Create journal entries using your GL account codes. Produces tax reports for forms 4562 (Depreciation), 4797 (Sale of Property) and Personal Property Tax reports. Includes powerful options for groupings and subtotals. Easily export all reports to Excel, PDF and Word for further manipulation to fit your needs. See below for a complete list of standard reports.

Fixed Asset Pro also comes complete with an on-board report builder. Custom reports can also be exported as Excel, PDF and DOC files.


The Flex View provides dynamic views of your data. You can include only the fields that you want to see, add sub-totals, and easily sort and search your data.

Fixed Asset Pro comes with a library of over 20 pre-set Flex Views that you can use out-of-the-box or customize. There’s no limit to the number of views. They’re easy to create. And each flex view is exportable to Excel and CSV giving you a simple way to create custom reports.


Start Screen organizes your work files and provides quick access to resources
Flex View lets you create multiple custom views of your asset data that you can export to Excel and CSV as custom reports
General Asset Data screen stores basic identification info and tax info for each asset
Multi-Book screen lets you set depreciation variables for up to 6 sets of books
Asset Control screen stores info to help you track assets and store and retrieve warranty details
File Cabinet lets you add links to pictures, invoices, documents, spreadsheets or any other type of file
Keep track of CIP projects and place them into service as fixed assets when completed
Produces monthly, year-to-date and annual depreciation reports for Book, Tax, AMT, State and other calculations

Limited Time Offer

For a limited time, you can get Fixed Asset Pro for just $499 (single user) or, better yet, just $599 (total) for a site license. The site license gives you unlimited users at one physical or on one network. Either way, you’ll save $100 by acting now.

Plus…by acting now we will include free access to the Quick Start Training System (a $195 value). That’s a total savings of $295.

In addition to an affordable price, unlimited FREE technical support is included for current subscribers. You can get your questions answered via telephone, email or live chat.

Annual subscription renewals are generally $199 for a single user and $299 for a site subscription. There are no other support contracts or hidden charges to worry about.


  • Supports an unlimited number of assets.
  • Maintains an unlimited entities/companies.
  • Import data from Excel and/or CSV to eliminate manual data entry. Includes an Excel import template to help prepare data for importing.
  • Create asset templates for entering common type of assets. Simplifies data entry and reduces errors.
  • Flex View grid lets you see your data any way you want to see it. Includes over 20 pre-set views or make your own.
  • Share data between team members. Multiple users can work with the same data at the same time.
  • Set a password on each database for increased security.
  • Mass Edit lets you edit groups of assets all at once. You can do mass disposals or mass changes to Service Date, Depreciation Method, Useful Life or Convention.
  • Export your entire database or selected fields for added back-up and increased data portability.
  • Store data files in any shared Windows folder for easy access by multiple users and to include in your regular backups. Multiple users can work in the same database at the same time.
68 Tax and Accounting Depreciation Methods including:
  • 36 MACRS methods including regular MACRS, alternative MACRS and straight-line MACRS.
  • 24 ACRS methods including alternative ACRS and straight-line ACRS.
  • 6 GAAP methods including straight-line, sum of years digits and 4 declining balance methods.
  • Bonus Depreciation, Section 179 Expensing, Auto and Truck Limits, IRS Tables option.
  • Half-Year, Mid-Quarter, Mid-Month and Full-Month Conventions for first and last years.
  • Amortization and manual entry of depreciation is available.
  • Simultaneously maintains up to 6 sets of books including GAAP/Financial, Federal Tax, State Tax, Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT), Adjusted Current Earnings (ACE) and a user-defined book.
  • Enter each asset only once and it automatically updates all active books.
  • In each set of books, an asset can have a different cost, depreciation method, useful life, business use percentage, investment use percentage, section 179 amount, and convention.
  • Keep it simple and enable only the GAAP/Financial book when tax and other depreciation calculations are not required.
  • Pick the current start year and import/enter opening accumulated depreciation balances that agree with your GL right from this start date. Or let Fixed Asset Pro calculate all depreciation starting from the year of the oldest asset.
  • Calculates for calendar and fiscal years, full years and short years.
  • Supports half-year, mid-quarter and mid-month MACRS conventions.
  • Conventions are set automatically for the year of calculation but allows forced or manual convention selections and enforces mid-quarter rule for each year when 40% or more of fixed assets are placed into service in the 4th quarter.
  • Projection function calculates depreciation for any future year to assist with budgeting, estimating future depreciation and calculating the effects of future capital expenditures.
  • Allows negative “contra” assets to account for refunds and credits received after the Service Date.
  • Easy reference to IRS asset lives table.
  • Select formulas or IRS rate tables for each MACRS asset.
  • Apply business use and investment percentages.
  • Keeps two years open at one time for year-end and new-year calculations.
  • Calculates depreciation for the year in which asset is disposed.
  • Automatically applies tax limits to luxury automobiles & listed property.
  • Option to apply automobile limits in State and User-Defined books.
  • Default methods and lives are automatically applied in State and User-Defined books.
  • Code Sec. 179 “expensing” election with limits applied automatically by year.
  • Option to use Code Sec. 179 tax rules in State and User-Defined books.
  • Choose to use Corporate Earnings and Profit Rules for Code Sec. 179 in State and User-Defined books.
  • Asset ID is user-assigned. You can use IDs from your previous system (up to 10 characters, alpha numeric). Fixed Asset Pro automatically increments and suggests the next ID when you add an asset.
  • Detailed asset description (50 characters).
  • Acquired Date determines when an asset first appears on the books.
  • In-Service Date determines when depreciation starts.
  • Track CIP (Construction-In-Progress) projects. Store invoices for each project. When completed, place the project into service as one or more fixed assets.
  • Assign a Group, Location and Department to each asset.
  • Assign GL account codes for fixed assets, depreciation expense and accumulated depreciation to drive journal entries.
  • Vendor name and serial number for section 179 record-keeping compliance.
  • Invoice number.
  • 15 custom user-defined fields (5 text, 5 date and 5 numeric value).
  • New or used designation for certain tax calculations.
  • Depreciation method easily selected from the list of available methods.
  • Convention (half-year, mid-quarter or mid-month) rules are applied automatically.
  • Tax Class (MACRS, ACRS and other).
  • Useful life of the asset.
  • Original cost of the asset and prior depreciation taken.
  • Salvage value of the asset.
  • Land value for non-depreciable land assets.
  • Section 179 deductions taken.
  • Bonus deprecation option.
  • Disposal date, sales price and sale expense are used to automatically calculate the gain or loss on disposal.
  • Partial disposals.
  • Tax disposal type (e.g., sale, exchange involuntary conversion, etc.), property type (1245 tangible, 1250 real, other) and time asset was held determine disposal classification on Tax form 4797 report.
  • Listed property option to apply federal tax limits to luxury automobiles, trucks/vans and SUVs over 6000lbs.
  • Asset adjustments for impairment or other write-downs.
  • Personal property type (machinery and equipment, furniture and fixtures, small tools and supplies, real estate, leased property, exempt property, and add new categories).
  • Option to use tax rate tables or formulas for depreciation calculations.
  • Investment Tax Credit options and ITC amount taken.
  • Business use percentage and investment use percentage.
  • AMT type and ACE type.
  • Verify data routine validates your data and settings according to all the built-in business rules.
  • Store asset control data including tag number, inventory number, control number, barcode value, custodian, physical location, and condition to help with physical inventories.
  • Warranty info includes up to 2 warranties /service agreements per asset, so the info is at your fingertips when you need it. Includes start date, expiration date, warranty limit and units (e.g., miles), actual usage, provider, telephone, coverage details and warranty documents.
  • File Cabinet lets you store files with each asset and easily retrieve them. Keep invoices, maintenance records, pictures for insurance, user’s manuals, etc.
  • Keep multiple pages of notes for each asset as needed.
  • Tasks help you keep track of important activities that need to be completed for each asset or CIP project.
Fixed Asset Pro gives you three different ways to create reports:
  1. Standard Reports. Includes a library of built-in reports for accounting and tax depreciation, acquisitions, disposals, journal entries and others. See below for a complete list. Flexible report options let you select the book, year, month, preparer, sorting and subtotal options, filters and more. You can save all reports to Excel, DOC and PDF.
  2. Flex Views. Comes with over 20 pre-set views or make your own. Save views Excel and CSV as the basis for reports.
  3. Report Builder. Create custom reports using the report designer. You have access to all fields in the database.
Standard Reports:
  • Monthly depreciation expense (one month at time)
  • 12-Month depreciation expense (all months in the selected year)
  • Journal entry: monthly depreciation
  • Quarterly depreciation expense
  • Annual acquisitions
  • Journal entry: acquisitions
  • Annual disposals and gain/loss
  • Journal entry: disposals and gain/loss
  • Annual and year-to-date depreciation expense
  • Net book value as of any month or year
  • Annual rollforward
  • Annual adjustments
  • Lifetime depreciation
  • Projection
  • Construction-in-progress
  • Fixed asset card (detail on individual fixed asset records)
  • Federal tax form 4562 report (Depreciation and Amortization)
  • Federal tax form 4797 report (Sales of Business Property)
  • AMT (Alternative Minimum Tax)
  • Personal property tax
  • UBIA for Section 199A limitation for pass-through entities
  • ACE (Adjusted Current Earnings)
  • Preview, print and export reports to Excel, PDF and DOC files.

Annual subscription renewals are due for all customers in January every year. When you renew, you’ll get a new version of Fixed Asset Pro with program improvements and updates for any changes to the depreciation laws. You also get all maintenance updates issued during the year and renewed access to Technical Support Service via telephone, email and online chat. Renewals are affordably priced based upon the extent and scope of the improvements and tax law changes.


“Cost Effective Asset Management Software.

Overall, has helped us in our year end processes, asset valuation and assessment and planning. For a small cost, it pays for itself in saved time and labour. Recommend for anyone with a lot of depreciable assets.”

FAVORITE FEATURE: Makes Asset Management much easier. We have a lot of assets in many different locations. We used to keep track of them on our excel spreadsheet, which was a nightmare for our accounting team. With Fixed Asset Pro, the information is in the system and the calculations are automatic. Saves our accounting team time and headache calculating and depreciating the assets. It also helps us as a management team to plan our capital asset expeditures in the coming months and years.

Jon G • Manager


51-200 employees

“Inexpensive fixed asset tracking.

In all, the system meets our needs and the customer service is excellent. We can forecast and budget, track construction projects and track all of our capital assets much easier than our previous method using spreadsheets.”

FAVORITE FEATURE: Fixed Asset Pro is an expensive fixed asset tracking software that meets our needs and ensures that we are easily able to account for depreciation without the need for spreadsheets.

Amy S • Director of Finance

Hospital & Health Care

51-200 employees

“Simple and easy to operate and keeps detail tracking of fixed assets.

It has been good. Our auditors love it for the reports give just what is needed and with some entry options it matches our rollforward for audit.”

FAVORITE FEATURE: The reporting that has many option on criteria and you can enter your own sorting or reporting criteria. It generates the Depr Expense monthly GL entry. Import and Export of data.

John K • Controller

Higher Education

501-1000 employees

“Great Product!

Use of predefined reports to meet third party request for asset information”

FAVORITE FEATURE: I love the customer service. They are always available to handle any questions I have had over the year. I have used this product for over 10 years. Meets all my needs.

Gerard C • CPA, Pres



“Excellent program! Major value added compared to the cost!

Awesome! Incredible customer service and a great product!”

FAVORITE FEATURE: Ease of use, accurate and easy to transfer journal entries and balance with our accounting program.

Kaci K • CEO


11-50 employees

“Awesome easy to use Fixed Assest Management and Depreciation software program.

It has been easy to use and the experience has been excellent.”

FAVORITE FEATURE: The reporting, the Construction in Progress functionality and the Ability to export into MS Excel.

William L • CFO

Hospital & Health Care

51-200 employees

“Best depreciation software.

I have been using it for long time and it does a great job for what I need.”

FAVORITE FEATURE: It keeps trach of my assets (equipment about 1500ea). I know monthly what my depreciation expense is; based on this information I can complete the monthly financials. Another big benefit is I use it to do my State Property Taxes, and at year end I use it to do the Taxes; showing a correct Capital Gains or Losses.

Rafael G • CEO


11-50 employees

“Great experience.

Fixed Asset Pro meets 100% of our organization’s needs and the needs of our auditors. I believe we have used Fixed Asset Pro for about 5 years now and it completely meets our organization’s needs. It is also cost effective. Our prior auditors recommended software that would cost 10 times as much annually, so Fixed Asset Pro is a great value.”

FAVORITE FEATURE: The software is easy to customize for our organization. The software has all of the standard reports that we need to manage fixed assets during the year and also has all of the reports that our auditors request for the audit.

Kirk B • CFO

Museums and Institutions

11-50 employees

“We have used Fixed Asset Pro for 25 years. We obtain quick, accurate forecasting and reporting of our asset depreciation.”

FAVORITE FEATURE: Fixed Asset Pro is very easy to use. It allows for quick data entry and easy to use reports for posting and reporting results.

Rich O • CFO

Building Materials

51-200 employees

“What a time-saver!

Moving from an Excel-based tracking system has simplified our monthly depreciation calculations dramatically. It has also allowed us to automate reporting tools that are used for a variety of purposes. Importing our current fixed asset information into Fixed Asset Pro was almost effortless.”

FAVORITE FEATURE: Currently, we use solely for fixed asset tracking and depreciation calculations. Entering a fixed asset is relatively simple. Calculating actual depreciation and projections are accurate and quick.

Lynne M • VP-Finance

Electrical/Electronic Manufacturing

51-200 employees

“Highly Recommend Fixed Asset Pro!

We could use Excel for our relatively limited number of assets, but Fixed Asset Pro provides a very affordable, easy to use and organizes our assets in a very user-friendly program.”

FAVORITE FEATURE: My non-profit organization has been using Fixed Asset Pro for several years. It was easy to set up and implement. Fixed Asset Pro is well suited for our organization given the affordable pricing and features the program offers...great value! Whenever I experienced any issues, Fixed Asset Pro's support team was very responsive and professional in resolving problems. I also like that you can upload pictures each asset.

Robert A • Sr Accountant

Non-Profit Organization Management

51-200 employees

“Overall we love the product is is very easy to use and upload items as well as entering the items manually. We have over 5,000 capital records so it can handle the volume of data well.”

FAVORITE FEATURE: We upload all of of capital assets into fixed asset pro. We used it to track all of our assets as well as capital expenditures. For the price, which is very inexpensive, it works just fine for my company. We also use it to track disposals of assets as well as book deprecation expenses on a monthly as well as annual basis. This report is also used for our personal property tax returns that we need to complete for the state.

Mark M • Controller

Mining & Metals

201-500 employees

“Ever improving software.

Our overall experience with Fixed Asset Pro has been wonderful. The handful of times that we’ve experience an issue we were able to get the problem resolved quickly. It’s nice to have a software that just works, so we don’t have to worry about getting the asset reports that we need every month.”

FAVORITE FEATURE: I've used Fixed Asset Pro for over 20 years and I continue to be impressed by the improvements they have made every year. It's always been a stable software, but every year they find something that improves the interaction and makes entering data easier or better looking reports. I appreciate that the tax report we need are already built into the program. I have built my own reports but everything that I need is already a standard report in the program.

Tova R • Accounting Manager

Food & Beverages

201-500 employees


Fixed Asset Pro is easy to install and includes a Data Import Wizard that eliminates data entry. You can import your data from Microsoft Excel and other common file formats.

As an added bonus, you’ll get access to our Quick Start Training System (a $295 value) to help you become productive as quickly as possible. The Quick Start Training System includes:

  • A library of 11 valuable training videos that will show you how the program works.
  • Plus an additional video that walks you step-by-step through the data import process.
  • A live session (up to 30 minutes) with one of our expert trainers to make sure that you get started quickly and on the right foot.


SAVE $295. . . Subscribe Before July 15, 2024.

You can immediately download Fixed Asset Pro. Installation is quick and easy. And technical support is there to help you get up and running. Plus, you’ll get the Quick Start Training System (a $195 value) at no additional cost.

Let Fixed Asset Pro save you hours by streamlining organization, maintaining fixed-asset records over the entire asset life cycle, maximizing your tax deductions and generating up-to-date reports when you need them. Subscribe today!

Single User $499 (Retail: $599)

Site Subscription $599 (Retail: $699)

Fixed Asset Pro