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The affordable, full-featured valuation system for business planning.

PDQ Value is a powerful and effective business valuation software system that delivers more and costs less than other software systems. PDQ Value is a serious business valuation tool that will provide insights into the performance of a company and explore the value of a business from different angles.

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PDQ Value

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The program is organized into 6 easy-to-follow sections that allow you to:

  • Set Up and Normalize Historic Financial Statements for up to 10 years.
  • Analyze Normalized Financial Statement Data.
  • Prepare Financial Statement Projections for 1 to 10 years.
  • Review Financial Projections.
  • Apply the Valuation Methods.
  • Test the reasonableness of the selected value.

Once you have selected a value, PDQ Value makes preparing a valuation report easy with its on-board Report Builder. The Report Builder merges conditional text with your analysis to create a pre-formatted presentation that you can edit in Microsoft Word—no more exporting or messing with clunky generic word processors. The result is a valuation report that is organized and fully explains the methods and assumptions used to reach the conclusion of value.

PDQ Value includes many of the same analysis and business valuation methods Corporate Valuation Professional™, which is MoneySoft’s practitioner-level program and is highly recommended if you need to prepare valuations for tax and legal matters in addition to business planning.

The first step is gathering data and building a database of financial information about the company. PDQ Value can handle up to 10 years of Income Statements and Balance Sheets. Historic Statements of Cash Flows, and Sources & Uses of Funds are calculated for you.

To help you analyze the performance of the company, Business Ratios and Common Size financial statements are automatically calculated. You can then enter or import industry ratios and common-size statements to analyze the company’s performance compared to industry norms.

PDQ Value lets you answer these important questions about the company’s historic performance:

  • Is the subject company gaining, holding, or loosing financial ground?
  • Is working capital increasing or decreasing?
  • Is the company sustaining itself on operating cash flow or relying on outside financing activities?
  • What are the trends for return on investment, assets, and equity?
  • How is the company performing relative to others in the same industry?
  • How solvent is the company?
  • Are receivables taking too long to collect?
  • Is the company highly leveraged, making it incapable of covering its current liabilities in an economic downturn?

Using these observations and information about the outlook for the company, PDQ Value guides you through each step in creating a comprehensive set of fully linked, line-item-by-line item projected financial statements for up to 10 years. This is the key to preparing an accurate estimate of the future earning capacity of the company.

PDQ Value gives you maximum flexibility in preparing projections. You control the growth assumptions for every line item. To make your job easier, a unique “real-time monitor” of key financial data and ratios keeps you informed of the impact of each assumption as it’s made.

A common mistake in many projections is to ignore the adequacy of Fixed Assets. But not with PDQ Value! A highly innovative Fixed Asset planning system lets you dispose of assets, determine the amount of purchases needed to meet future growth and finance purchases while automatically keeping track of estimated depreciation.

The projected financial statements include Income Statements, Balance Sheets, Statements of Retained Earnings, Cash Flows and Sources & Uses of Funds for up to 10 years.

With projections prepared, you are ready to use the business valuation methods to select an appropriate value for the company.


The Net Asset Value method is normally used as a minimum benchmark of value. Easily adjust each line item in the balance sheet to reflect current values. You can apply Control Premiums, Minority Discounts, and Marketability Discounts as appropriate.


The Market Approach includes Price to Earnings, Price to Revenue, Price to Gross Cash Flow, Price to Dividends, Price to Book Value and Price to Net Asset Value methods that utilize valuation multiples from comparable companies. You can apply Control Premiums, Minority Discounts, and Marketability Discounts as appropriate.

The Preferred Stock Valuation method estimates the value of any preferred stock based on the market yield of the preferred stocks of comparable companies.


In the methods under the Income Approach, select from up to six different earnings bases including Net Income, EBT, EBIT, EBITDA, Net Cash Flow and Free Cash Flow.

The Capitalization of Earnings method allows you to value the company net-of-debt or debt-free based on weighted average, historic, adjusted earnings, or cash flows using capitalization rates developed under the CAPM or Build-Up methods.

The Discounted Future Earnings/Cash Flow methods allow you to value the company net-of-debt or debt-free based on detailed projections of earnings and cash flows and utilize either a net earnings or net asset terminal value calculation. You can apply Control Premiums, Minority Discounts, and Marketability Discounts as appropriate.


The Valuation Summary schedule brings it all together and presents a concise summary of your conclusions. You can assign weights to the individual valuation methods for a weighted average value calculation. You have the option to use the calculated value or enter a rounded one. The per share value for both common and preferred stock is calculated based on your selected fair market value. You can apply Control Premiums, Minority Discounts, and Marketability Discounts as appropriate.

PDQ Value includes an “economic reality test” of your conclusion of value. As you set hypothetical purchase terms including the amount of equity and the required return, and the amount and payment terms of up to four levels of acquisition debt, a “real time monitor” gives you instant feedback. Key measures of operating performance and Return on Investment performance for the hypothetical transaction terms are provided as part of the economic reality test.

Immediate Electronic Delivery Available: The most current version of PDQ Value is available via download. The download link and instructions are emailed immediately after you order. Electronic Delivery also includes a PDF version of the detailed User’s Manual. If you want an Installation CD shipped to you, select one of the available shipping options in the shopping cart. International customers can save a considerable amount on shipping by selecting Electronic Delivery Only.

THE PERFECT SOLUTION for the budget-minded

PDQ Value is the perfect solution for the budget-minded valuation analyst, business advisor or financial decision maker who needs a reliable business valuation for business planning purposes.

Your investment includes complete program documentation (PDF file) and FREE technical support.


The supporting schedules provide all the details of your analysis. However this information usually needs to be summarized in the form of a written report for presentation to other parties. PDQ Value includes the tools you need to create professional and in-depth, text-based reports and visual representations of your data in a variety of charts and graphs.

PDQ Value includes the Financial Report Builder that links the numeric analysis with a pre-formatted valuation report narrative that automatically documents the analysis for you using Microsoft Word. The Financial Report Builder is “smart” enough to know what analysis you actually performed and describes the results of the analysis. Both the templates and generated reports are fully customizable using Microsoft Word.

The Report Builder is included as a bonus. It’s free with your investment in PDQ Value.

PDQ Value contains over 55 insightful supporting schedules that can be printed individually or in user-defined batches. You can control printing features such as page orientation, headers and footers, scaling (print-to-fit) and much more to create professional looking presentations. They include:


  • Income Statements
  • Balance Sheets
  • Statements of Cash Flows
  • Sources & Uses of Funds
  • Financial Ratios (with optional industry comparison)
  • Common-Size Statements (with optional industry comparison)


  • Valuation Discount & Capitalization Rates
  • Net Asset Value
  • Capitalization of Earnings
  • Discounted Future Earnings
  • Discounted Net Cash Flow
  • Market Comparable Multiples
  • Preferred Stock Valuation
  • Valuation Summary


  • Projection Assumptions for General Accounts
  • Fixed Asset Depreciation Terms and Disposals
  • Fixed Asset Purchases & Financing
  • Notes Receivable & Payable Terms
  • Revolving Credit Lines
  • New Term-Debt
  • Income Tax Worksheet


  • Rules of Thumb
  • Test of Value Purchase Terms
  • Test of Value Income Statement
  • Test of Value Balance Sheet
  • Test of Value Retained Earnings & Cash Flows
  • Test of Value Investment Summary

To add visual interest to your presentations, PDQ Value includes a robust charting & graphing utility. This utility generates over 25 predefined/pre-formatted charts and graphs and automatically updates them as your data changes. These charts and graphs can be inserted into the report text to provide a visual representation of data from each major section.

As you navigate your way through PDQ Value, you will encounter a number of thoughtful features that will make your experience more enjoyable and productive:

  • Easy and intuitive navigation—you are no more than two mouse clicks away from any screen, so you won’t be buried in layer upon layer of “pop-up windows.”
  • Easy to learn and use so you can focus on the quality of your analysis instead of figuring out how to work with the program.
  • Open and flexible chart of accounts allows you to mirror the financial statements of the company.
  • Complete control over every line item allows you to prepare more precise projections of future earnings for a more accurate valuation.
  • Built-in logic helps you address easily overlooked items such as required fixed asset expenditures and the adequacy of the company’s working capital to make certain that growth assumptions are supportable.
  • Built-in “reality check” tests hypothetical value against discretionary cash flow and the cost of capital to verify that the selected value makes economic sense.
  • Automatic validity checking for key data entry areas to avoid accounting mistakes.
  • A “Completion Status Checklist” helps you track the analysis that has been completed, is in progress, and still needs to be completed.
  • Print options allow you to control scale, layout, page numbering, and add headers or footers as desired to create professional looking and organized supporting schedules.

Install our products and put them through their paces. If you can honestly say that our products do not save you time and perform exactly as we say they will, simply let us know within 30 days from the date of purchase and we will gladly issue a full refund.

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Buy Now: Single License $595

PDQ Value