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Safeguarding Fixed Asset Data

The increasing digitization of data and information can streamline business processes and improve productivity. Data is now easier to store, retrieve, analyze and transfer. However, these benefits also present risks that need to be managed. Fixed Asset Pro™ stores each company database in a single file that can be stored in any local or network […]

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Fixed Asset Policies and Procedures Manual

Editor’s note: This article is the 2nd in a series and provides an overview of the elements of a comprehensive fixed asset policies and procedure manual. Future articles in this series will expand upon and provide examples of specific fixed asset policies and the procedures. Creating and maintaining a Fixed Asset Policies and Procedures Manual […]

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Controlling Fixed Asset Data

The Controller for a SMB wanted a better way to organize fixed asset data, to provide timely reports to management and to more effectively interact with the outside accountants. At the time, the data was maintained in several spreadsheets and was getting harder to manage with each passing year. While spreadsheets are simple and convenient […]

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