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Merger & consolidation cabability added to DealSense®

For Immediate Release

Phoenix, AZ (July 28, 2011) – MoneySoft, Inc. today announced that a new module called MergerSense™ has been added to its DealSense valuation and business acquisition software system. The new system was released at the Alliance of Merger and Acquisition Advisors’ Summer Conference in Chicago, IL.

MergerSense guides a business buyer through the steps of combining, adjusting and consolidating post-deal financial data in order to determine if an M&A transaction makes economic sense and creates value for the parent company.

The consolidated data helps determine if a deal is accretive or dilutive and if the combination creates or destroys enterprise value based upon free cash flows. An accretive acquisition is one that increases earnings per share, which tends to increase market value. Increases in free cash flows available for distribution to shareholders or reinvestment also favor the creation of market value.

The publication of the new version of DealSense coincides with MoneySoft’s 20th anniversary.

Regarding the timing of this release, Robert B. Machiz, president and co-founder of MoneySoft says: “Although the economic recovery has been less than robust and there are plenty of questions going forward, the number of domestic deals has increased by 17% year-over-year based upon Mergerstat data. We expect to see more mergers and business combinations as mid-sized companies adopt growth, as opposed to defensive strategies.”

“A healthy byproduct of the recession of 2007 – 2009 is that business buyers as well as capital providers are much more diligent and attentive to the numbers,” says Machiz. “With the addition of MergerSense, business buyers can now value and analyze investment returns at the target level and then consolidate the numbers to evaluate the impact upon the parent.”

The valuation component of DealSense Plus was developed in collaboration with Practitioners Publishing Company (a Thompson Reuters company) and is published under the PPC imprint as Business Valuation Specialist™ and by MoneySoft as Corporate Valuation Professional™.

Current pricing and additional information is available by calling MoneySoft at 800-966-7797 or on the company’s website: www.634.02e.myftpupload.com/valuation-and-acquisition-analysis-software.

MoneySoft was established in 1991. MoneySoft offers a variety of software and information resources for financial analysis, fixed asset management, business valuation and mergers & acquisitions.