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Defining a Business Buyer’s Criteria

Although a great deal of time, talent, and money can go into closing an acquisition, an acquisition is not an end in itself. A merger or acquisition is a process. A successful outcome to this process begins with the formulation of your “value drivers” and criteria, and extends beyond the closing until the desired benefits […]

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The CEO’s Guide to Merger and Acquisition Failure

Mergers and acquisitions can be an effective strategy for increasing shareholder value or one’s personal wealth. Unfortunately, research indicates that a majority of M&A deals fail to provide the anticipated benefits. A surprising number don’t build shareholder value and in many cases shareholder wealth is actually destroyed. Here’s a thought: Maybe mergers and acquisitions fail […]

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Key Steps of Buying a Business

A number of books have been written on M&A integration, success and related topics. Each offers an overview of the dealmaking process. Many of these books tend to “chunk” the process into 6 or 7 steps. While this may provide a mnemonic advantage for marketing purposes, we have identified 15 key phases that need to […]

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