Fixed Asset Pro is the affordable fixed asset management and depreciation software system for small and mid-sized businesses.

If you want a better way to organize fixed asset data, calculate depreciation, and prepare tax and financial reports, then Fixed Asset Pro is for you.

Updated for the latest tax depreciation rules.

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Fixed Asset Pro is a powerful, effective depreciation and fixed asset management software system that costs just a fraction of other, comparable fixed asset programs.Fixed Asset Pro is a self-contained system. So, you won’t need to install and maintain any third-party database software.

Performance and price make Fixed Asset Pro a terrific value for small and mid-sized businesses:

  • Free yourself from the headaches of calculating depreciation and tracking fixed assets.
  • Replaces old, unreliable spreadsheets and the limited functionality of accounting system FA modules.
  • Save time by streamlining fixed asset organization and record keeping.
  • Save on taxes by not missing important depreciation deductions such as Bonus Depreciation and Section 179 Expensing.
  • Save money by not insuring assets that are off the books.

Now With Flex View: The Fixed Asset Pro Flex View enhancement provides a dynamic view of your data. You can include only the fields that you want to see, add sub-totals and easily sort and search your data. There is no limited to the number of views your can create and each one is exportable to Excel.

The Fixed Asset Pro Quick Start Training System = Fast Deployment:

Fixed Asset Pro is easy to install and includes a Data Import Wizard that eliminates data entry. You can import your data from Microsoft Excel and other common file formats.

As an added bonus, you’ll get access to our Quick Start Training System that includes:

  • A library of 7 valuable training videos that will show you how the program works.
  • 3 additional videos that walk you step-by-step through the Data Import Wizard.
  • A live session (up to 30 minutes) with one of our expert trainers to make sure that you get started quickly and on the right foot.

Total savings of $295… order by February 17, 2017.

For a limited time, you can get Fixed Asset Pro for just $499 (single user) or, better yet, just $599 (total) for a site license. Either way, you’ll save $100 by acting now.

Plus…by acting now we will include free access to the Quick Start Training System (a $195 value). That’s a total savings of $295.

Single License (Retail: $599) $499
Site License (Retail: $699) $599

In addition to an affordable price, unlimited FREE technical support is included for current users. You can get your questions answered via telephone, email or live chat.

Annual updates are typically $189 for a single user and $269 for a site license (slightly more for a MAJOR UPGRADE). There are no other support contracts or hidden charges to worry about.

Fixed Asset Pro’s streamlined approach will save you hours and put you in control of your fixed assets.

This easy-to-use, full-featured depreciation software will save you hours by streamlining organization, maintaining current fixed-asset records, maximizing your tax deductions and generating up-to-date reports when you need them.

  • Import your data from almost any format including Excel, delimited text, databases, XML, HTML and other file formats. An Import Wizard steps you through the process.
  • Supports an unlimited number of companies and assets.
  • Simultaneously applies tax rules and calculates depreciation for up to six sets of books: financial, federal tax, AMT, ACE, state tax and a user-defined set of books.
  • Supports half-year, mid-quarter and mid-month MACRS conventions.
  • Tax and accounting rules for fixed asset depreciation, such as Bonus Depreciation and Sec. 179 Expensing, are built in.
  • Includes 68 tax and accounting depreciation methods.
  • Handles purchases and disposals throughout the year.
  • Automatically calculates monthly depreciation for creating monthly journal entries.
  • Prepares a projection schedule detailing all future depreciation charges over the useful life of each fixed asset.
  • Keeps track of the location of each asset.
  • Maintains detailed notes on each asset.

Asset Information at Your Fingertips

With Fixed Asset Pro, you can create an unlimited number of fixed asset records for an unlimited number of companies. Assets can be classified into user-defined groups such as asset type, location, G/L account number and personal property type. Once an asset record is created, it is automatically transferred to all other sets of books. Simply enter an asset once; Fixed Asset Pro does the rest.

You can also keep track of valuable information such as model numbers, vendor contact information, maintenance records and more using the notepad available for each asset. When you need information about a specific asset or group of assets, Fixed Asset Pro allows you to browse and search for assets by asset ID, description, date, location, group, class, AMT type and G/L expense account number. You can also create custom pick lists for location, group, G/L asset, G/L accumulated and G/L expense fields. With Fixed Asset Pro, detailed information on each asset is at your fingertips.

Powerful Reporting for Management Control and Tax Purposes

To prepare effective reports for tax, accounting or internal purposes, select from Fixed Asset Pro’s library of standard reports or easily create your own. Standard reports are automatically calculated and formatted.

All reports can be previewed, printed and exported as Excel, PDF and RTF files. Reports include:

  • Depreciation summary for each book
  • Federal tax form 4562 report
  • Monthly G/L posting
  • Annual acquisitions
  • Annual disposals
  • Annual AMT (Alternative Minimum Tax)
  • ACE (Adjusted Current Earnings)
  • Book value
  • Personal property tax
  • Lifetime projection report
  • Detail on individual fixed asset records

Fixed Asset Pro comes complete with an on-board report builder. Custom reports can also be exported as Excel, PDF and RTF files.

With its affordable price, customizable report builder and FREE technical support, Fixed Asset Pro is an extraordinary value. Why not get your copy today?

Depreciation Methods

68 Tax and Accounting Depreciation Methods including:

  • 36 MACRS methods including, bonus methods, regular MACRS, alternative MACRS and straight-line MACRS.
  • 24 ACRS methods including alternative ACRS and straight-line ACRS.
  • 6 Pre-1981 GAAP methods including straight-line, sum of years digits and 4 declining balance methods.
  • Amortization and manual depreciation entry available.

Available Books

  • Simultaneously maintains up to 6 sets of books including Financial, Federal Tax, State Tax, Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT), Adjusted Current Earnings (ACE) and a user-defined book.
  • Enter each asset only once and automatically update the other sets of books.
  • In each set of books, an asset can have a different cost, method, life, business use percentage, investment use percentage, section 179 and convention.

Asset Records

  • Each asset record has user-defined fields including asset ID, group and location
  • Detailed description of the asset
  • Vendor name and serial number for section 179 record-keeping compliance
  • Date the asset was placed into service
  • New or used designation for certain tax calculations
  • Depreciation method easily selected from the list of available methods
  • Convention (half-year, mid-quarter or mid-month) rules are applied automatically
  • Tax class (MACRS, ACRS and other)
  • Useful life of the asset
  • Original cost of the asset and prior deductions taken
  • Salvage value of the asset
  • Investment Tax Credit (ITC) amount taken
  • Business use percentage and investment use percentage
  • Disposal price and date
  • Section 179 deductions taken
  • Listed property options (none, luxury automobile limits and other)
  • Various ITC options available based on the date placed into service
  • AMT type (property placed into service after 1986, real property before 1987, leased property before 1987, non-recovery real property before 1981 and non-recovery leased personal property before 1981)
  • ACE type (post-1993 property, post-1989/pre-1994 property, pre-1990 MACRS property, pre-1990 original ACRS property, property in section 168(f)(1)-(4), or other property)
  • Personal property type (machinery and equipment, furniture and fixtures, small tools and supplies, real estate, leased property and exempt property)
  • General ledger asset, accumulated and expense account numbers
  • Serial number for identification and insurance purposes
  • Option to use tax tables or formulas for depreciation calculations

Look up tables and selection lists are available for group, location, depreciation method, tax class, listed property, ITC options, convention, AMT type, ACE type, personal property type and general ledger account numbers.

Asset Options

  • Calculates for calendar or fiscal years
  • Easy reference to IRS asset lives table
  • Select formulas or IRS tables for each MACRS asset
  • Supports half-year, mid-quarter and mid-month MACRS conventions
  • Conventions are set automatically for the year of calculation, but allows forced or manual convention selections
  • Apply business and investment use percentages
  • Keeps two years open at one time for year-end and new-year calculations
  • Calculates deductions for year in which asset is disposed
  • Automatically applies tax limits to luxury automobiles & listed property
  • Option to apply automobile limits in State and User-Defined books
  • Default methods and lives are automatically applied in State and User-Defined books
  • Code Sec. 179 “expensing” election with limits applied automatically by year
  • Option to use Code Sec. 179 tax rules in State and User-Defined books
  • Choose to use Corporate Earnings and Profit Rules for Code Sec. 179 in State and User-Defined books
  • Customizable notes screen allows unlimited text-based note detail for each asset


  • Depreciation summary for each book
  • Federal tax form 4562 report
  • Monthly g/l posting
  • Annual purchases
  • Annual disposals
  • Annual AMT (Alternative Minimum Tax)
  • Annual ACE (Adjusted Current Earnings)
  • Book value
  • Personal property tax
  • Lifetime projection report
  • Detail on individual fixed asset records
  • Custom report builder allows you to create your own reports

Data on reports can be sorted and subtotaled by Asset ID, Date, Tax Class/Date, Group/Date, Location/Date, Group/Location, Alternative Minimum Tax Types, Date with Yearly Subtotals, General Ledger Expense account.


  • Import Wizard steps you through the process of importing your data from common file formats. Eliminates the time and hassles of manual data entry.
  • Export Wizard let’s you export your entire database for added back-up and increased data portability.

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Annual Updates

Annual updates are prepared to reflect changes to the depreciation laws. Updates are affordably priced based upon the extent and scope of the tax law changes.

Money-Back Guarantee

Install our products and put them through their paces. If you can honestly say that our products do not save you time and perform exactly as we say they will, simply let us know within 30 days from the date of purchase and we will gladly issue a full refund.


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